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четверг, 20 апреля 2017 г.

5 Most common SEO mistakes

If you’re new in website hosting, most likely you make some widespread mistakes that hurt SEO considerably. Find out what changes can be made to the website to increase the number of readers and boost ranking.

No permalink optimization

Permalinks show users what your pages are about, and also let search engines to define their relevancy. Therefore you should shape up a correct structure of your permalinks in settings. It’s recommended to post permalinks to page titles only. Don’t forget to include keywords in the links.

Ignoring fields about keywords and title

If you don’t fill up all fields in your post, it can have negative impact on SEO. Keywords allow search engines to understand how well a webpage is optimized for targeted keywords. SEO title helps to customize the title and make it understandable for search engines. Besides, if you dedicate a few minutes to writing a meta description, a post will have better click rates.

Poor interlinking

Why having links between blog posts? First, it increases user engagement making people surf the website continuously. Secondly, bounce rates become much lower. SEO benefits are also clear: when Google sees that contextually relevant pages are linked, the relevance of website in some certain topic increases. Use links actively and include different keywords.

Not much external linking

External linking also boosts search ranking, if they connect users with authoritative web-sites. That happens due to the above-mentioned relevancy factor. Furthermore, Google approves of this strategy, because it shows the relevancy of the project. So if you don’t have external links, or use them rarely, Google will assume your website is not interesting and invaluable.  

No image optimization

Although some developers don’t care about writing alt text, this is very important. It’s useful for mobile visitors and visually impaired people. Alt text should also be added to logos and navigational images, because it provides wider context for search engines.

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