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четверг, 20 апреля 2017 г.

Why using a Dedicated Server in Your Business?

Modern IT market is highly competitive, and it gets harder to outperform the rivals. To be ahead of the competitors, a business needs to use every opportunity to succeed. With a dedicated server, an organization can give its website a huge boost, attract more customers and have complete control over hosting. What are the reasons to implement this technology?

Brilliant user experience

If a visitor tries to open a website in vain, and it takes too long to load, he or she is more likely to abandon the slow page and go to a competitor’s website to find the necessary product or service. If you want to avoid such situations, order a dedicated server right now. This way, you will be able to improve overall performance of your website and prevent downtime.

Overall control and customization

When shared hosting is used, a business has nowhere to grow further – limit of resources is a serious obstacle. Besides, developers can’t adjust the website and bandwidth whenever needed. With a dedicated server you can have as many resources at your disposal as necessary. When there’s a low volume of traffic, you can scale down and reduce expenses. When the traffic flow grows, you will be able to scale up instantly and give customers a quick access to your website.

Security Improvement

During the recent years the number of hacker attacks and data leaks has increased considerably, so we’re in dire need of additional security measures. Shared hosting can’t provide your business with a consistent level of security: your website will be under permanent threat because of other users’ actions and resource consumption. If you have precious information, taking measures for super-security is obligatory. Data breach can rupture your image and reputation, but with a dedicated server, you will have every opportunity to adjust every aspect of protection. Use a firewall, important backups and SSH, and you will be able to repel all attacks.

Absence of limits

Every business should have space to grow and develop. Most entrepreneurs start with cheap shared hosting, but this choice can take its toll in the future. To avoid problems with switching (loss of data, website lags), simply start from dedicated server hosting. You will be able to add up more bandwidth and disc space as your business is developing.

Dedicated IP Address

Using a separate IP address is crucial just like having a unique brandname. With a dedicated server, you have a separate IP and your website can’t be blacklisted because of other users.

Use of a dedicated server is a must for those who need overall control over hosting and sufficient amount of resources. To get more info about advantages of dedicated servers, read https://inxyhost.com/blog/3-key-qualities-of-dedicated-servers

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