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четверг, 28 декабря 2017 г.

How to Choose a Dedicated Server For WordPress?

Your WordPress website has become pretty popular, and you consider switching to a dedicated server? Or you’re sure your new blog is doomed to success, and want to start up with a powerful hosting option? In both cases, that’s the right choice, but now you have a challenging task ahead: selection of dedicated servers for WordPress. How to choose the right dedicated server?

Hard drive matters

Generally, dedicated servers of popular brands like SuperMicro and Dell are equally reliable, but what matters is the type of hard drive. Today, there are two main options available:

1. HDD (hard disk drives) are used in most computers and laptops. They contain a rotating element, which is why they produce noise. One HDD can provide up to 4 Tb of storage, reliability and redundancy during the process of writing and reading data. However, it consumes more power, and the speed of data processing is slower. It should be used for operations that don’t require frequent reading or writing of data.

2. SSD (solid-state drives) don’t have rotating elements, which is why they are completely silent. They accelerate the operations of reading and writing data (in HDD, IOPS reaches 80-100, while in SSD it can be more than 8,000 operations per second). Their service life is shorter, and they can be more expensive, but still SSD is a perfect option for a website developed on any modern CMS.

If you host a traffic-heavy website on an HDD WordPress dedicated server, choose SAS interface, if on SSD server – SATA interface will be more appropriate (it may transfer data at the rate up to 6 Gb/sec).

Managed vs Unmanaged

Users with profound technical knowledge can save on server maintenance buying unmanaged dedicated servers. In this case, you will be responsible for backups, fixing technical issues and monitoring performance. If you face technical problems you cannot solve, you will have to ask for provider’s help: be ready to pay support team on an hourly basis for their assistance.

You’re not a tech-savvy user? Opt for a managed dedicated server, because in this case you will be provided with:

  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • competent technical support;
  • regular backups;
  • security features.

Although such option is more costly than the first one, you will sleep soundly knowing your WordPress website is always available, and data on the server is safe and secure.


To ensure fast website loading you need to shorten the distance between end users and the source of data (the original server). This is why you should order a dedicated server that’s located as close to your target audience as possible. However, even the most advanced dedicated server will not ensure rapid loading for users from all over the world.

If your website is popular geographically spread regions, or the entire globe, consider charging its speed with CDN for WordPress. CDN (content delivery network) is a system of servers that cache website assets and deliver them to visitors much quicker. That’s a cheaper and easier option than leasing several dedicated servers in multiple regions.

When selecting a dedicated server, you should take into consideration requirements of your project, not its price only. Keep in mind that an ideal server is the one that suits your exact needs.

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