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вторник, 21 марта 2017 г.

Technologies that will become popular in 2017

After discussing information technology trends in 2017, many specialists agree that artificial intelligence is one of the most actively evolving spheres. Find out why, and what IT directions are as relevant in 2017 as never.

AI(artificial intelligence)

As many other technologies, artificial intelligence can be implemented in a large number of spheres starting from automation of manufacturing finishing by self-driving cars. IoT devices use it, as well. AL is the future of our work, because it makes up for automation of processes around saving time and efforts. Probably, smart agents with AI will soon replace mobile applications and behavioral algorithms. A self-learning app may serve as personal assistant. However, rapid development of AI can lead to job loss, too.

Specialists also claim that in some cases AI is just a refresh of an old product and a marketing hype. For instance, you don’t need a toaster with Internet connection and self-learning when a usual $30 model will be enough. Another debatable issue is security: when all personal devices, homes and cars get technical, you can’t really feel safe. Anyway, machine learning can accelerate the development of AI, making robots and devices learn on their own.

New mobile competitors

The market of smartphones can become different with new players emerging. A lot of Chinese smartphone producers offer top-notch quality products, and HP Elite x3 and the Kodak Ektra have recently caught attention of publicity.


Blockchain technology has caused a lot of buzz. This is a secure transaction tracking technology that can be used in many industries, not financial services. If it expands the presence to cover all transactions, it may become the new standard of purchases.


Hyperconvergence is another sphere that grows considerably: it is predicted that this market will double every year in the future. Security is one of the main features today, and not for the reason of hacking and DDoS attacks. What companies focus on is control over pipes and content, as well as storage options (that are likely to become cheaper).


 Again, security makes companies implement this technology. While accelerating websites, content delivery networks make up for higher safety and provide DDoS protection on layer level. Besides, load balancing protects the origin server from break. More info about the benefits of CDN is here: https://inxy.hosting/blog/why-you-should-start-using-cdn-right-now

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