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вторник, 21 марта 2017 г.

When should I move from shared hosting to dedicated server?

Most sites and blogs are hosted on shared hosting servers: it becomes the first step in their development. But while shared hosting is less costly, easy to set up and provides some great features, it has a lot of limitations. While your business is growing, hosting plan should also grow with it to meet all demands. How can one know that it’s high time to move hosting to the next level? 

There are several signs that the move from shared hosting is inevitable:

1. Your website deals with high traffic pretty often
If your website traffic volume constantly increases, present shared hosting plan may be not enough to sustain it, and you should switch to a VPS or a dedicated server. It will provide you with sufficient amount of resources and bandwidth.

2. Your website’s load time increases
Shared hosting distributes resources over several websites, and when one of them starts demanding extra bandwidths, other websites start run slower, or even crash. If you have noticed downtime on your website, it’s time to get independent from your neighbors. Besides, if it takes much time to load for a website with several plugins that make several PHP and SQL database requests, it’s time to switch and maintain your server environment.

3. You need more security
Although shared hosting servers are protected with firewalls and other security applications, the risk appears because of other users. If one website causes vulnerability, other websites on the server can be hacked, as well.
With VPS and dedicated server, your site is separated from the others. You get your own IP address and mail server, so your projects won’t be blacklisted, and email letters won’t be marked as spam because of others’ actions.

4. Your project requires more resources
When using shared hosting, all available resources like bandwidth, CPU, memory, and disk space are shared among sites not equally. If some websites consume extra traffic and bandwidth, it will affect your usage limits. With dedicated server hosting, you will get a defined amount of resources in your virtual environment. Besides, VPS and dedicated servers provide far more disk space, bandwidth and more scalability, so you can define certain amount of bandwidth and change it.

5. You want overall control
If you need more control over web hosting account and the opportunity to install any software, to manage cPanel accounts and setting permissions, the switch to a VPS or a dedicated server is necessity.

Now when you’ve made a decision, you only need to find a suitable provider who has the desired product and configuration. To choose between VPS and dedicated servers, read this article: https://inxyhost.com/blog/5-reasons-to-upgrade-from-vps-to-a-dedicated-server

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