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четверг, 16 февраля 2017 г.

Preparing to Live Streaming: 5 Tips

Some CDN companies have solutions created especially for live streaming. If you want to launch a website that focuses on video streaming, you should take into consideration five important things.

Define Your Target Audience

When preparing for streaming, you should first decide who your target audience is. Find out where the majority of users are located, what are the peculiarities of connection and speed of Internet. For example, if your audience is located in regions with high speed of connection, you can choose high bit rate for your videos. It is also important to have a CDN streaming server located as close to users’ location as possible.

Select the right encoder

There are many different encoders starting from free simple ones and finishing by professional variants. Choose the one that meets your requirements. Beginners are recommended Flash Media Live Encoder since it is free, and users don’t have to be tech savvy to navigate it.

Specify appropriate video/audio settings

Settings should be chosen so that to reach maximum quality of your audio or video. Usually, upload speed is the factor that defines the settings. It is recommended to choose video format H.264 with bit rate speed 500-600 kbps.

As for audio files, their settings should be as follows:

  •         AAC format (it is supported by different platforms).
  •         Mono channel (Select Stereo only if it is supported by your audio capture device).
  •      Sample rate: 11025
  •       Average bit rate: about 20 Kpbs

Define Location

At the moment, there are numerous CDN streaming data centers in Asia, the USA and Central Europe. Choose the location that is close to your users. Before publishing live stream, try showing it online to several people to text the quality of video and adjust settings in time.

Test The Network

Prior to finally publishing live streaming, prepare several different devices (smartphone, tablet and PC). Then release a file on a test page of your site and generate embed code in control panel. Watch the video from several devices to make sure that everything runs without problems.

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