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вторник, 7 февраля 2017 г.

Do I need CDN?

Content delivery network (CDN) consists of servers that duplicate content and deliver it to end users. Such technology makes page loading faster and improves user experience regardless of their location and time of day.

While your website gets bigger and audience grows, traffic gets higher, as well. Without CDN, data loading may be too slow, which causes discontent among users and repels them. At the moment, lots of companies use CDNs. Although this solution may cost a lot (but not always), it is beneficial in the long run. Besides, even small companies can afford CDN by simply opting for cheap networks.

When it comes to expenses, CDN can be a wiser solution than switching to another hosting plan. Besides, it will provide better coverage and improve higher speed of connection. In many cases, CDN together with simple tricks can boost the speed of connection better than other hosting plans. As soon as you start using a CDN you will notice that bandwidth consumption decreased considerably.

Why do I need a content delivery network?

Some companies have no idea what CDN services are, and think they don’t need such technology. But the truth is that no matter how great content/design/service is – if your website is too slow for visitors, they are likely to switch to the competitors. Instead of waiting for the pages to load, they will just abandon website and search for other solutions.

When CDN should be used?

How can one know that it is the right time to order CDN for his organization?

1. When too much content is created and uploaded on the website. Increasing volume of content puts load on website infrastructure, and if too much bandwidth is used (means the amount that is not supported by server configuration), performance will be impacted. CDN balances loading and always provides sufficient speed of data loading. Besides, its implementation and setup are not complicated.

2. When traffic is too high. Appearance of new content means attraction of more users, which can result into slow loading and poor performance. Besides, overloading can affect overall functionality of website. CDN prevents negative impact of traffic spikes.

3. When the number of mobile visitors grows. If your website pages are not mobile optimized, CDN can help to deliver them better.

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