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четверг, 22 декабря 2016 г.

Server Issues That May Influence Your Web-site

If users can’t access your web-site, they are more likely to go to the competitors. In many cases, server problems cause complications in work of a web-site: slow loading, quality degradation, or complete breakdown. Different studies show that slow loading of pages affects the perception of a company and brand, making users stress and abandon the web-site. How to avoid it? Learn to fix major server problems.

1. Security is the main condition of smooth work. You should always try to protect your customers and employees making the web-site secure.  Cyber attacks and viruses are more dangerous than you think. They can lead to server disruption, server cracking and data loss. Avoid it my selecting a managed host: it will examine the systems around the clock and provide effective services against security breaches.

2. Downtime is a real disaster: there is nothing worse that complete shutting down of your web-site. It may happen because of fires, floods, or simply cyber attacks. In the worst scenario, you may stay without any back-up options when a site crashes. Downtime takes its toll: a company may lose thousands, if not millions of dollars when the web-site is inaccessible. Use the security services of your hosting provider, and its specialists will do everything possible to resolve appearing problems.

3. Traffic management becomes a real challenge when it grows. Of course, boost of traffic is the sign that your online business is doing well. But traffic spikes are dangerous since they affect the speed and functionality of a web-site. To avoid such problem, you should choose an advanced hosting solution and work with a reliable provider. If anything, you may ask your provider to supply stronger hardware to make sure that your level of service is great.

4. Problems with hardware or software are almost inevitable. Your company may face them, too. To reduce the side effects, you should have a reliable customer support team. Good specialists may solve problems within minutes. Use a reputable data-center and professional help of tech staff to make your web-site always operable.

5. Slow page loading is what makes 50% of users abandon a web-site. Many things affect site speed (read here: https://inxyhost.com/blog/five-server-problems-that-may-affect-work-of-your-website), but it should not be your server. Order up-to-date models of servers from reliable providers and make sure it is monitored 24/7.

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