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Frequently used web hosting settings

As soon as you have started working with a hosting provider, you need to adjust settings so that to reach maximum efficiency and performance. Here are our recommendations concerning settings.


Some providers allow setting security level between High, Medium and Low. As a rule, malicious attacks are stopped by blocking requests before they reach a server. These requects may come from automated bots that crawl your web-site and look for vulnerability. In other cases, the threat may come from a web user accessing sites from a “contaminated” computer and spreading viruses unknowingly. In this case, users visiting protected sites are required to enter a CAPTCHA. Security settings state which visitors are challenged according to their threat score. 
Your challenge page may be customized to look better on your web-site. The displayed text may be chosen, as well.

Development Mode

If you are going to alter cacheable content of your web-site (CSS, JavaScript, images), first go to development mode to make site changed be reflected immediately.

Purge Cache

If you want the renewed cacheable content to appear on your web-site immediately, use Purge Cache option that expires cached resources. But remember that it takes several days for the new cache to be introduced.


Make sure that Google Analytics will be displayed on all of your pages: that will boost the accuracy of the analytics. Add Google Analytics' code, and you will ensure that the most recent version is used for analytics.

Settings in Pro Accounts

Some providers offer Pro accounts that feature additional options. They can be adjusted on the settings page:

·         Advanced Security achieved with the help of WAF (Web Application Firewall). It boosts protection against malicious attacks. Note that you can also choose the protection level from low to high just like in basic settings. Read what other solutions for server protection exist on https://www.inxy.com/blog/6-solutions-to-secure-your-server.

·         Web-site preloading. This option is offered not by all companied. Web-site preloader is a caching option that improves page loading time working with the most popular cached static resources for subsequent loading. If you don’t want JavaScript to run, turn this option off.

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