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понедельник, 26 декабря 2016 г.

How to select a good CDN? 4 important questions to ask

CDNs are becoming well-liked among many site developers being affordable and efficient, and many companies start using them in their work. The market is full of various CDNs, but it is a big mistake to go for the first solution offered. How to select a CDN correctly? Here are four major questions you should ask yourself when selecting a CDN.

  • Ask the company how performance is measured. Most likely, you will be told that their products are high-quality, 100% reliable and very effective. But performance depends on many other aspects. For instance, it is crucial to have a strong client support service and compliance with SLA terms. Other users value the speed of connection and content delivery. When you are looking through CDN solutions, pay attention to everything: cost, speed, support team and SLA.
  • Are users compensated for outages of network? They cannot be avoided even if you are promised 100% uptime. The main pitfall is that most providers compensate for downtime only in cases when a user notices them and asks foe refunding. Typically, the sum of compensation is defined by the time of outage. If a provider does not comply with SLA conditions, you should terminate the contract and try another company. Look for SLA that allows doing so.
  • How the price is calculated? There are two different payment models: per gigabyte and per bandwidth package. You should select which one is better for your exact business (learn more about pricing models: https://www.inxy.com/blog/comparison-of-cdn-pricing-models).
  •  What is included in delivery service? Some companies provide opportunities for streaming and mobile connection.
You should keep in mind which features are important for your online project when selecting a CDN. Use these four questions, and choice will be easier for you to make.

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