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среда, 26 октября 2016 г.

How to Prepare for Online Sale? Six Essential Tips

Online sale can be a very difficult period for web-project developer, and we have prepared 6 valuable tips on how to organize it successfully and reduce stress together with outcomes from traffic spikes.

   1.     Check Your Server in the Course of Sale

Site breakdown is a real disaster that can spoil the entire event. Before starting to sale, notify your web-hosting provider about possible traffic spikes, and make sure that your server will be able to deal with the load.

2.    Order a CDN to Improve Page Speed and Reduce Server Load

To supply end-users with the best experience, it is strongly recommended to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It decreases load on your server by transferring various web assets (images, JavaScript, CSS from servers). Besides, it boosts page loading times and makes up for trouble-free website surfing.

3.    Social Media Must Help You

Interaction with your customers is absolutely a need to improve brand loyalty. Besides, it allows finding out what your customers want, and informing them about fresh releases and sales. There are so many popular social media channels, that you just can’t ignore them!

4.    Make Sure That Customers Will Make a Purchase Simply

Is shopping on your web-site easy and comprehensible? Provide your customers with a clear and simple way to order items. The process of shopping should be enjoyable, and there should be clear logical steps to find and purchase an item. Aim at making your web-site as user-friendly as possible.

5.    Implement Analytic Tools and Use Them Regularly

If you need detailed information about your customers, including how much time they spend on web-pages of your site, location, etc., top-notch analytics should be provided. That will help you to target the audience more effectively, and improve site performance. There are lots of free analytics tools in the Net, including such solution as Google Analytics.

6.    Create an Extensive Customer E-mail Database

E-mail marketing is another way to keep customers informed about recent sales. If you send letters with recent promotions and sales on regular basis, it is more likely to attract visitors. The most reasonable way to do that is E-mail list segmentation. If a customer made a purchase on your site once, there is a high chance that he will make order one more time, and become a regular client.

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