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вторник, 25 октября 2016 г.

Difference between CDN pricing models

Traditionally, CDN providers offer two types of payment: pipeline pricing and per-gigabyte pricing. Which one is more suitable for you?

Per-Gigabyte Pricing: For and Against

In this case, a user can exploit as much bandwidth as required during the billing period. Sometimes, providers offer packages of 100 Gb, 10 Tb, and many other variations, while others sell bandwidth by gigabytes (for instance, $0,05 per Gigabyte).  This payment model is convenient for online businesses that usually need some certain amount of bandwidth, and face traffic spikes quite often. The model’s strong side is that you pay only for resources that you really used, regardless of the time and number of requests.

Reasons to Choose Pipeline Pricing

This model would be ideal for web-projects with great online presence. A provider allows you providing some certain amount of bandwidth per second, and if the limit is not exceeded, you will pay what is expected. It is also called 95/5 model, because a user is allowed to use more bandwidth in case of traffic spikes only 5% of time. As a rule, it is one and a half day (hours of traffic spike are summed), while the rest of the month bandwidth limit should not be exceeded. Otherwise, you will have to pay more. Samples of bandwidth usage are taken every five minutes. When counting the price of service, 5% of highest traffic samples are ignored, and the rest 95% are analyzed. If they are within limits, it is good for user. Thus, clients who manage their bandwidth would definitely benefit from such payment system. If you don’t face traffic spikes on a regular basis, this is the most sensible solution.

SpaceCDN offers hundreds of CDN solutions with per-gigabyte pricing. If you have mission-critical projects and face with traffic or request spikes occasionally, this would be a perfect solution for you!

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