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вторник, 18 октября 2016 г.

3 Things About Cyber Security You Need to Know

Loss of mission-critical data on a server is a real nightmare of any web-developer. That is why cyber security is, and has always been, a very important issue. Even if you think you will never face such a problem, keep in mind these three simple facts.

  1.   Cyber attacks are not necessarily personal. So you haven’t done anything bad and think there is no one willing to hack your site? In fact, cyber criminals do not care whose site to crack – they simply look for web-projects with vulnerable codes with the help of bots and automated methods. So if you were attacked, it just means that your site is among thousands of vulnerable websites. And hackers did not aim to do harm personally to you – they have just revealed your outdated plugin. How to defense your project and data from automated attacks? First, use basic protection methods (complicated password, updated plugins and software). Secondly, make sure your web-hosting provider offers security features.
  2.  Cyber safety is your responsibility, too. You can do a lot to make your site code inaccessible for hackers. Most often, home computers, websites and e-mails become objects of cyber attacks. Even such factors as encrypted networks, secure buildings, and updated software of server already contribute to high security level. Do not send important data or update your website via public Wi Fi or an unsecure machine – this can easily make your data vulnerable.
  3.   Security improvement is a never-ending process. Whether you like it or not, cyber security is really effective only when you do regular upgrades. Password changing and software updating alone cannot guarantee 100% protection. You should also review systems and security policies, and better implement a two-step authentication.

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