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пятница, 4 ноября 2016 г.

Why Mobile On The Web Is So Important?

Web performance can be optimized with the help of various techniques and tools, and one aspect that is frequently ignored is how mobile devices work. Find out how mobile CDN can be useful, and which way it ensures fast connection on all devices, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Studies show that about 56% of consumer traffic on the main US websites comes from mobile devices. Many online business keepers may not even suspect how much mobile traffic they are getting. Despite the fact that web businesses can be different, it is always important to examine analytics. If more than half of traffic comes from mobile devices, site testing should be approached differently. And sometimes, mobile optimization may take much more time and effort than on your desktop.

Indeed, may mobile versions of sites lag behind original sites in the most important metrics: average time on site, bounce rate and the number of visited pages in one session. Statistics is even worse than you might think. An average US e-commerce mobile site loads about 6 seconds, while about half of consumers leave pages that load longer than three seconds.

It is estimated that by 2017, connections via 3G and 3.5G-capable devices will outnumber the connections made with 2G. By 2020, 4G connection share will be most widespread. But today, most devices run on 2G and 3G, which means that you have to figure out the ways to decrease loading times. CDN is an evident solution of this problem: it puts your mobile content closer to visitors and decreases latency considerably.

What does a CDN solution do to improve experience of mobile users?
  • ·         Applies gzip compression to keep mobile data traffic under control
  • ·         Uses video pacing to enable excessive progressive downloading of media files
  • ·         Adjusts network characteristics to mobile user with the help of TCP acceleration

With the help of CDN and its numerous PoPs, you may decrease latency by 70% or even more! So if you have lot of mobile users accessing your site, consider using this technology.

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